Published academic papers


In progress. The dissertation is called "Dependable IoT Choreographies" and focuses on ways to make industrial and building automation systems more resilient and dependable. I present a number of approaches to reach this goal:

  • Task allocation for reduced energy usage
  • Efficient failure detection
  • Automatic reconfiguration of systems
  • Network-aware application development

I'm writing the dissertation at the Networking chair of the Technical University of Munich under Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle, and was employed at Siemens AG for the first four years of writing.

Master's thesis

My master thesis. The aim of the thesis was to provide a high-performance data store for internet-wide TLS certificate scans. Written in Go and using the PostgreSQL database, I was able to ingest large amounts of data into the database in short time, and retrieve information quickly.

Jan Seeger, Dr. Johann Schlamp, Dr. Ralph Holz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle: A Scientific Workbench for Empirical Network Research. TU München, June 2015.

Bachelor thesis

My bachelor thesis. I evaluated the practical feasibility of sybil attacks on the Kad peer-to-peer network. Kad is a distributed hash table protocol that is used for file sharing.

Jan Seeger, Dr. Ralph Holz, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Georg Carle: Eclipse Attacks on Nodes in the Kad Peer-to-Peer Network. TU München, March 2011.


As a research assistant at the TU München, I worked on the Crossbear project, a system for detecting SSL Man-in-the-Middle attacks.

Prior work was sponsored by the Future Internet EU project, where I adapted a Pastry implementation to simulation purposes, and participation in the measrdroid Project. All work was done at Chair VIII at the TU München.

My experiences while studying abroad are described below.