Things I've bought and enjoy

Updated 10/12/2015

Things I've bought and still enjoy

There are several things that I've bought that I use regularly and still enjoy. Mostly electronics, these devices make my life easier and/or more fun. So consider this short list a full endorsement from me for the listed products.

Dell Latitude E6400

A great laptop that does what it's supposed to do very well. Runs about 4-6 hours on battery and was (for it's time) pretty fast. Shouldn't have chosen the discrete graphics option though. (about 1700 € in 2008)

2015 update: The laptop crapped out unexpectedly though, and I've since changed allegiance to Lenovo. The Thinkpad T430 works acceptably well with Linux, although I must advise you to not choose a device with the hybrid graphics implementation, as support is still sketchy on linux.

Sony PRS-505

An electronic reading device. Even though it has no touchscreen and wireless connectivity, it's great at what it does. I've hardly taken up a hardcover since I've gotten it and there's always something to read on Gutenberg or other sources. The screen is still considered the best among E-Readers by many, as seen by the still expensive price (secondhand) of about 200 €. I bought it for about 220 € secondhand in 2009.

2015 Update: I've since switched to an Amazon Kindle, which is much cheaper (bought it for about 90€ in 2013), and has wireless. This has occasionally been useful for me (being able to purchase books during a trip is nice), but this really was more of a sidegrade. Also evaluated a Kindle Paperwhite, but that wasn't really worth it.

Hyundai W241-D

This 24" screen works great for watching movies, playing games and just staring at text scrolling by (me being a gentoo user, that's what I mostly do…). It uses an S-PVA panel, which means a high viewing angle (great for movies with several people). Add a bevy of connection options (which I don't use) and you have a great screen for doing almost everything (except printing preview and stuff, but you need a color calibrated screen for that anyway). This beauty cost me about 400 € in 2009.

2015 update: The screen broke some time in 2012, so I replaced it with a HP ZR2440w (what is it with screens and names?). It's been a good replacement so far. Specs exactly the same (24", 1920x1200 resolution).

Timbuk2 D-lux messenger bag

Quickly became my favorite bag. The medium bag holds enough even for my larger grocery shopping trips, and my laptop (see above^^) sits snugly in the compartment. Also holds money and train ticket, both easily accessible. Worth every cent (129 € this year, i.e. 2012).

2015 update: This is the only thing from the list that I'm still using in 2015, which should tell you something. Much more convenient than a backpack for quick access, and rather large. Takes a bit of a toll on my shoulders though, which could also be due to my non-existent training regimen.

New in 2015

Westone W4R headphones

After I accidentally forgot my Ultimate Ears TripleFi.10 in a Chinese shop in 2013, I was looking for a replacement, and eventually landed on the Westones. Very nice-sounding headphones with a replacable cable. Unfortunately, rather pricy (about 500 €), but with a good source (I use a Sansa Clip+), they really sound very smooth and a bit more exciting than many of my former buds (a Etymōtic ER-4P and the Tf.10). The cable broke some days ago, but there's a bevy of Chinese replacement cables available on American Amazon if you don't fancy paying 80 € for a new standard cable.

OnePlus One

Yep, a mobile phone. If you like the rather large form factor, the One is a very nice phone at an equally nice price. Hardware feels nice and surprisingly sturdy (fell down multiple times, and nothing's broken yet), and the battery runtime is sufficient (by now it's decreased somewhat, but that's to be expected). I really can't complain, but then again, I don't have any experience with "flagship" handsets such as a Samsung Galaxy or an iPhone 6S (god forbid).

Date: 2015-10-12 Mon 00:00

Author: Jan Seeger